To get the most out of your site, you need to realize that it is, first and foremost, an important marketing tool. It should help the company solve the problems…

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Site prototype: creating a prototype with examples and tools
How to explain to the customer what his future site will be like? What elements will be placed on the page, and in what order? The answer is simple. If…

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Before you decide to order the creation of sites, you will certainly have a question about whether to use the existing CMS in the development or if you need to…

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Contrasting combinations

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How to create and develop an online store website. Step-by-step instruction.

To choose a convenient “engine”, pay attention to the basic functions and ease of work with the admin panel. The ability to further customize and add functionality to your online store is also very important. Of the popular “engines” we recommend a closer look at the following:

1C-Bitrix. One of the most sought after CMSs created on a commercial basis. On it, you can choose individual functionality using applications, implement CRM in your store, and quickly and easily work with content.
OpenCart. This CMS is suitable even for beginners who have never encountered the creation of sites. It is open source and offers standard basic settings and functions, which are quite enough to start. Continue reading

21 errors when creating a site and how to avoid them? We create a good site.

Saving and developer incompetence – these are the main reasons why a site can be doomed to failure. We decided to collect the main mistakes that are so often found in Internet resources and which so ruthlessly deprive owners of new customers. The article will be useful even to customers to know what the site should be and what should be avoided during development. So you can control the entire creation process and eliminate the possibility of error at every stage.

The most common mistakes when creating a site
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By equipping your site with a Google Sitemap file, you kill two birds with one stone: firstly, you can be sure that Google will index all the pages on your site that are in this file, and secondly, Google will regularly scan this file for new pages for indexing.

In this article, we will discuss a number of issues regarding the Google Sitemap:

Benefits from implementing Google Sitemap in your operations;
Who should use this;
How it works; Continue reading

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Our many years of experience shows that having a website creation plan significantly reduces the time required to implement, test and launch a project. This allows you to optimize the…


How to make a layout for advertising on Instagram
Instagram is a simple platform where images and videos are presented together in a constantly scrolling stream. But it is this simplicity of design that makes users come back there…


UX and UI design trends in 2019
The designer needs to keep abreast of the latest design trends. The style of work must change and develop in order to maintain the freshness of the work and resonate…


If you compare sites developed 10 years ago and modern Internet resources, you will find very few similarities. And the point here is not only the active development of technologies,…