Free Resources for Designers E-literacy is unthinkable without the literacy of publishing electronic content. And the publication includes the processes of selecting an audience and tasks, creating, checking, editing and…

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UX and UI design trends in 2019
The designer needs to keep abreast of the latest design trends. The style of work must change and develop in order to maintain the freshness of the work and resonate…

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High-quality and powerful web design is of interest to all specialists developing Internet projects for modern companies. The level of design quality has a direct impact on the site’s interest…

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average gives a click-through

15 popular SEO myths

In the field of search engine optimization, as in any direction, unreasoned errors appear and are rapidly spreading. They interfere with the development of novice webmasters and confuse beginners. So that no one gets caught, we hasten to tell you how SEO actually works and to dispel the 15 most common myths that are completely untrue.

The more links the better
Previously, this was really important: for ranking, you can use the maximum number of links to third-party sources and be sure that the search result will be high. But now everything is different. The emphasis should not be on quantity, but on quality. Although Searchmetrics research has a reference mass, it’s important to use it wisely. Continue reading

What to look for when designing and creating a site: checklist

Choosing a CMS
The choice of a content management system is an important stage, since the functionality of the page depends on it. You need to think in advance whether your resource will be just an electronic business card or if you plan to sell goods and services through it.

Depending on this, choose a CMS:

1C Bitrix, PrestaShop, OpenCart, Simpla, HostCMS, NetCat, CS-Cart, Shop-Script (Webasyst) for online stores.

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How to develop a large online service or portal and avoid mistakes

Creating online services requires serious knowledge and skills. We have extensive experience in this matter and a considerable list of satisfied customers with successfully functioning portals. That is why today we decided to talk about the main stages of the development of the Internet resource and what we should definitely pay attention to.

Web agency or freelancer: where to order an online service?
If you do not have the opportunity, knowledge or desire to do the site yourself, then the creation of the portal can be entrusted to either a special agency or a freelancer. Let’s figure out which option is better.

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The leaders of a company that plans to start working on the Internet always have to make a difficult decision: build a website on a paid and proven content management…


1C-Bitrix is ​​the brainchild of 1C and Bitrix. The goal of creating a joint venture is the development of web directions, the development of innovative Internet solutions. Professional content management…


On this page we present the main mistakes of web design in order to be guided in the future by precisely these rules and take them as a basis. 1.…


16 techniques to increase website conversion and increase SEO traffic
Increase branded queries This technique is often overlooked, as Rand Fishkin claimed in his Twitter account in 2018: “Create a brand that has more search volume than all unbranded keys…