Good customer service skills that you should learn
For successful customer service, you need to master several skills that directly affect the quality of service and the sense of customer satisfaction of your products or services. The skills…

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By equipping your site with a Google Sitemap file, you kill two birds with one stone: firstly, you can be sure that Google will index all the pages on your…

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On this page we present the main mistakes of web design in order to be guided in the future by precisely these rules and take them as a basis. 1.…

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On this page we present the main mistakes of web design in order to be guided in the future by precisely these rules and take them as a basis.

1. The site visitor must immediately understand what the site is about
All efforts associated with the manufacture of the site, one way or another, are aimed at attracting an audience to it. If the site is incomprehensible to the user, he will immediately leave it.

2. Do not miss the rules for writing texts for content
Always use the rules for writing texts for the Internet. Highlight important texts, headings, subheadings, try to keep paragraphs no more than 2-3 sentences.

3. Fonts should be standard
After installing custom fonts, consider whether they will be readable for your site’s audience. After all, it is quite possible that they are installed only with you.

4. The font should be easy to read and understand by the user.
The font size should be easy to read and visual. Many users will not bother with unnecessary actions in order to change this setting in their browser.

5. Do not make a choice for the audience of your site
It is very common that the links located on the site, when you click on them, open in a separate window. Programmers do this because a link to another site, in their opinion, will cause the user to leave their site. Very wrong decision! And by the way, this can even worsen the search engine promotion of a website. Visitors to the site should decide to open the link in a separate window or while on the site. Believe me, if your site has useful and unique information, the visitor will remember this and will come back to you more than once!

6. Do not change user settings
Do not resize the visitors browser window. It annoys the audience. By doing this, you will frighten the visitor to your site.

7. Do not require registration if it does not justify itself
Recently, most sites require registration in order to access content. What do you think, how will a visitor react if, after registering on your site, he does not find anything useful for himself in the content? Let the user understand what benefit he can get by arriving at your site.
Do not require visitors to register if you cannot give them something valuable and unique.

8. Visitors themselves know where to subscribe.
Do not try to subscribe site visitors to anything, and do it during the registration process – do not spoil your reputation. Your visitors will decide what they need.

9. Use Flash where you can’t do statics
Do not exaggerate using Flash on a site. This takes longer to load pages, and besides, its excess is sometimes annoying. In addition to the fact that Flash increases the loading time of web pages, its excessive use begins to annoy site visitors. Therefore, know the measure and use Flash in web design only where you can not do with statics.

10. Background music on the background of the site – as old as the world
Do not use automatic playback of background music on the site. These are the remnants of the rise of the Internet.

11. Allow your site visitors to choose when and what to listen to.
If you need to give something to listen to your visitors, let them make their own choices when to do it. Place the “Play / Pause” and “Stop” buttons on the site.

12. Do not exaggerate with banners
There are a very large number of sites with a huge number of banners. Understand that it looks unprofessional, increases time and traffic at startup, and also distracts your audience from content. Badges and emblems received for participating in some competitions can be placed on a specially designated page, for example, “About the Company”.

13. Use the main pages
Do not use “input” pages. The faster a visitor gets access to the content, the better.

14. Post contact information
Visitors can very often report various issues related to your site. Therefore, do not forget to leave contact information. This will give you the opportunity to once again monitor the situation.

15. Back button – one of the main principles of usability
In no case do not deprive the functionality of the visitors back browser button. In order not to make such an error, avoid JavaScript and settings in which links open in a new browser window

16. Flashing and flickering text – you can’t imagine an older one …
This, in your opinion, “beauty” was used back in 96 …

17. Opt out of the URL
Start finally using CNC (human-readable urls). Using the CNC in the addresses of web pages, you can use keywords and phrases from the content. This will be positively displayed on access to your site from search engines, and visitors will be able to access the pages they need by memory.

18. CSS layout is more functional and reliable than table layout.
Stop using heavy and clumsy tables – save yourself from unnecessary efforts, typeset in blocks.

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