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High-quality and powerful web design is of interest to all specialists developing Internet projects for modern companies. The level of design quality has a direct impact on the site’s interest…

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Site prototype: creating a prototype with examples and tools
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Every modern company promoting its services and products on the Internet should have a high-quality corporate portal. Such a site will be useful for both company employees and its customers.

As a rule, such a resource has two main goals: attracting new customers and increasing the loyalty of existing ones. To do this, the site contains detailed information about the company, its scope of activity, the goods and services provided. Once on a corporate site, a visitor should quickly and easily find information on the cost of services or products, their characteristics, as well as information on the merits of the company and the benefits of working with it.

Corporate Website Tasks
As mentioned above, the main goals of such portals are to provide customers with constant access to information about the activities of the enterprise, its products and services.

Another important task of the site is to provide potential customers with the opportunity to make an online order. This feature should be available to users 24/7.

Establishing feedback with customers is also achieved through the competent use of a corporate site. On such a portal you can regularly post polls, FAQ sections or forums.

A corporate website allows users to receive email addresses for timely informing them of important events and promotions using mass mailing.

A high-quality modern website will improve the image of the company and increase the loyalty of its customers. There is a great opportunity to retain the old and effective attraction of a new target audience.

The goals and functions of the corporate portal may differ depending on the scope of the company. But in the end, all of them should be aimed at improving the image of the company, expanding its geography of work, finding partners and increasing sales.

Stages of creating a corporate website
The corporate portal is an important and useful resource for any modern company. That is why the process of its development requires special attention and literacy on the part of developers.

Development of a corporate website involves several main stages:

definition and coordination of the goals of creating a portal, filling out a brief form,
calculation of development costs,
development of technical specifications and its coordination,
final assessment of the project,
site structure development,
elaboration of layout details, creation of a prototype site,
CMS installation
placement of unique customer content,
approval of the created project according to the terms of reference provided by the client,
site transfer to client hosting,
various improvements
maintenance and further support of the site.
Advantages of developing a corporate website in the agency “CASTCOM”
Website development for your company in the agency “CASTCOM” is the development of all the parameters of a web resource that you require, as well as the regular development of the portal in the process of developing your business.

To order corporate sites in “CASTCOM” for companies of any field of activity can be quite simple by filling out a brief for online site development. Agency experts will not only develop a website for your company, but will compile a full-fledged business analysis for its development.

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