A few years ago, selling something over the Internet was difficult. Today, marketers have at their disposal a tremendous arsenal of technology and technology tools. Landing is one of them.…

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An Internet site consists of several interconnected pages hosted on a network. Regardless of whether the creation of a news site is, or, for example, the creation of a construction…

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By equipping your site with a Google Sitemap file, you kill two birds with one stone: firstly, you can be sure that Google will index all the pages on your…

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1. Search engine optimization
The most reliable and common form is traffic from search engines. Two search engines are popular on the Russian Internet:

In recent years, Google’s PS has been gaining more and more positions and is catching up with Yandex as a percentage of users. This is due to the widespread adoption of mobile and voice search, where Google has a leading position.

Many people think that search engine optimization is dying and CEO is not working. It is easy to verify that this is not so. Well-optimized sites bring tens of thousands of search traffic, and as long as this is true, SEO is alive. The benefits of search traffic include:

Improving the quality of the site – a poorly optimized and low-quality site will never become the leader of the TOP, therefore SEO optimizers do everything to make the site quality and convenient for visitors.
Correct optimization pulls up other types of traffic, as external factors also affect ranking on the network, therefore, when ordering website promotion, you get additional bonuses in the form of other traffic channels.
Stopping financing does not stop traffic – a properly optimized site will work even if you refuse the services of an optimizer. Of course there will be no growth in traffic, but most likely there will be a decline, but it will not stop.
The disadvantage of this method of obtaining visitors on the Internet is the need to create a good and high-quality website. If the product is of poor quality, then it will be very difficult to promote it in the search for popular queries.
It should also be noted that the result of such optimization should not be expected immediately. Search engines do not work instantly, it takes time.
If no one knows or searches for a product, search engine optimization is not suitable.
2. Contextual advertising
Contextual advertising is a way to attract the attention of visitors from search engines using advertisements that appear in the search results with the “Advertising” icon.

This is a search engine affiliate program that has become increasingly intrusive over the years. Ads are increasingly merging with the issuance, and the “Advertising” icon will probably no longer be visible soon.

Contextual advertising can be launched from the first creation of a site or landing page.
Ability to manage ads – ads can be customized for any request, region, time, etc.
There is no need for a high-quality website – in order to get into the contextual advertising of a search engine and attract customers it is not necessary to have a high-quality website, it will be enough to create a landing page.
Cost – a feature of ranking in contextual advertising is that search engines do not take money for impressions, payment is withdrawn from the client after the visitor clicked on the ad. The cost per click in high-frequency topics can reach thousands of rubles.
No funding, no transitions – as soon as advertising runs out of money, the transitions are automatically suspended.
Distrust of users – not all users of search engines trust advertisements.
3. Email Newsletter
E-mail newsletter is an automated sending of letters by e-mail to a specific database of recipients. This type of traffic attraction is considered quite effective. A large role is played by the base of recipients, which should consist of the target audience of the site.

Using the e-mail newsletter you can:

inform customers about new products and services;
Promote your product to new users
Offer customers promotional codes
Share the latest news in your industry.
An effective way to attract the target audience.
The ability to establish a dialogue with the client.
Fairly low cost.
There is the possibility of getting into spam.
An extensive subscriber base is needed, since a large number of recipients do not read such letters.
The newsletter is subject to the law, it must be observed.
4. Social networks
Social networks are a powerful marketing tool, thanks to which you can attract the target audience to the site and inform customers about promotions, updates, latest news.

Social Network Users of Russia

Huge target audience
A relatively inexpensive way of advertising.
An opportunity to increase company recognition.
With the help of targeted advertising on social networks, it is possible to attract just your audience.
SMM does not increase sales, it can only increase customer loyalty to products and advertise it.
Not suitable for all topics – the target audience of social networks is not suitable for everyone.
The need to maintain social networks and fill them with relevant information.
5. Banners and links on sites
Links and banners on popular sites can also attract visitors to your site. With proper placement of the banner, you can get considerable targeted traffic.

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