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What is a UTM tag?
Urchin Tracking Module literally translates as tracking module. Many believe that this metric was created by the omnipotent Google, but in fact it was developed by Urchin Software Corp., the founder of which was Scott Crosby. And in 2005, the corporation was acquired by Google and over time, UTM technology began to be applied worldwide for web analytics.

The label structure is a value encoded in the format of GET requests.

What are UTM tags for?
They will give detailed information about advertising traffic, as well as data on various communication channels with your user.

The beacon is inserted into the link of the advertisement. The UTM tag allows you to analyze traffic performance. For example, to see how many users went to the site with the Yandex advertising network, who subscribed to your news, how many visitors read the article and clicked on the link. All this data is needed to adjust advertising campaigns. Without tags, all marketing and advertising activities will be akin to the tail, because it is impossible to determine which sources give traffic and which simply drain the advertising budget.

What does a UTM tag consist of?
Basically, it consists of the name of the label and the value of the parameter itself.

All letters must be written in Latin letters, it is advisable not to use capital letters.
Between themselves marks are connected by an ampersand – “&”
You cannot put spaces between characters; they are filled with underscores.
The first mark must be preceded by a question mark.
It is customary to highlight 3 main tags and 2 additional ones:

Key tags

Additional tags

utm_source – a traffic source, it can be a search engine Yandex or Google, social networks VK, Facebook or Instagram, E-mail and others.
utm_term – passphrase
utm_medium – type of traffic, it can be clicks – PPC, mailing list, advertising post, banner
utm_content – the content of the campaign is especially relevant when you need to test many advertisements with the same key phrases.
utm_campaign – name of the advertisement or campaign
What UTM tag generators can be found on the Internet?
To date, the Internet presents various automatic generators utm – tags, which allow you to quickly and easily get the link you need to track the effectiveness of the advertising source. Here are some of them:
For example, let’s try to make a UTM-tag for an advertising source.

How to create a UTM tag?
I really like the UTM tag builder, which was developed by the famous directologist Konstantin Gorbunov with his team. The convenience of the generator lies in the fact that the most common sources of advertising traffic are already indicated there:

NOTICE DIRECTORS: one who is interested in setting up campaigns in Yandex.Direct and Google.Adwords, this service will become a magic wand – a lifesaver that will speed up campaign development at times. There you can do a word rewinding, mass produce utm – tags, multiply keys, calculate a budget, group words for Google Adwords and many other useful features.

So, let’s say we need to generate a UTM – tag for a search advertising campaign in Yandex.Direct.

In the first line we enter the name of the site url.

In the line “Select a traffic source” we select Yandex.Direct (search). If you create a label for a campaign in the Yandex Advertising Network, then select Yandex. Direct (YAN). If you set up targeted ads on VK or Facebook, select Vkontakte (targetVK) or Target Facebook.
In the line “Type of traffic” you need to select pay per click or CPC.

for example, in targeted advertising there is a CPM option. If this option is set in the campaign, then cpm should be specified instead of cpc.

The content of the campaign can be composed of such parameters as the name of the category of goods or services, the type of campaign, advertising period, geographical segmentation, promotions or raffles, etc. The main thing is that you yourself are not confused and understand your notation. Our campaign is called seo-site optimization.

We do not touch other parameters. As a result, we get just such a UTM-tag, which is inserted into the ad.

The service also allows massively generating UTM tags for Yandex.Direct or Google.Adwords

To do this, you need to list the keywords in a special field, after which the system will generate the required number of tags for each ad.

What to do after the link with the UTM tag is generated?
You need to check and make sure that the link works as it should.

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