All sectors of the Internet sphere are in constant development. The Global Network itself is not a static phenomenon; it is constantly changing. To a large extent this is facilitated…

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Website – the face of your company
Web design trends are changing like the weather. At the current pace of technology development, even the most advanced website has become obsolete in a couple of years. But a website is the face of your company. Researchers at Stanford University found that 75% of users make up their minds about a brand based on their site experience. The quality of a website is the trust of the audience, it is the customer base.

If your site has dropped in the ranking of search engines and gives a lower level of conversion, then it’s time to change the design and text content. We present to your attention ten signs that you have an outdated website design.

1. Decreased attendance
If you notice a decrease in the number of visitors, this may be due to the fact that your site is outdated and does not look interesting enough for the public. In order for people to regularly visit one or another site, they must see that something is happening there and changing. If they have not noted the development of the site for a couple of years, then they have no reason to look at it.

And not only people love updates: search engines also love new, unique content that arrives regularly and in a reasonable amount. If there are not enough leads, this may be a sign of the need to change something on the site.

2. Your site is not friendly with mobile devices
In modern conditions of the “mobilization” of the Internet, your website must have a mobile version, otherwise you can be punished by Google and Yandex in terms of displaying in the results of search results. More and more people access the Internet from their mobile phones, and your site must be adapted for mobile devices, so that they are displayed at least no worse than from the desktop. If your site does not display correctly on the screen of a mobile phone, then it needs an adaptive redesign.

It is expected that by the end of the decade the proportion of owners of smart phones will approach 80%. This means that 80% of adults will use the mobile Internet. The number of mobile Internet users has long surpassed the number of those who enter the global network through stationary computers and laptops.

Three years ago, Google began ranking sites according to mobile ratings. That is, users of the “mobile Internet” Google primarily demonstrated adapted sites. However, even if a user got to an unadapted site, he would hardly have received pleasant emotions from trying to use it.

3. Inconvenient structure
To live, a business must grow and develop, recruit staff, open new departments, produce new types of goods. Accordingly, the structure of the site is complicated, content is accumulated, new pages and tabs appear. If this process is not streamlined, then the resource will turn into a maze in which any user gets confused. The consumer will not bother himself too much, he will be tormented for about a minute and a half and, not finding the necessary information, will leave the site.

Therefore, try to simplify navigation and search as much as possible, put the products and content “on the shelves”, facilitate the external design, remove unnecessary distracting elements, unnecessary information.

To check how convenient your site is in terms of navigation, test it on friends, ask them to find any specific content. If they spend more than a minute, then the structure of the site is better to change. There are also special services for tracking user journey (user journey).

4. Reduced conversion
Regularly monitor statistics in terms of user behavior. With the help of user behavior and outdated sites are determined. Among the indicators of visitor behavior is conversion. Even if the site’s traffic is high, but no one is gaining anything, this may mean that the site has an outdated web design.

It is very important to regularly monitor statistics. Visitor behavior is one of the best indicators of whether it’s time to upgrade your site. There are several indicators of visitor behavior, but we are only interested in one – conversion.

5. The site is down
You probably came across such annoying sites. They load prohibitively long, links to them do not work, offers have long been out of date. In order not to turn your site into a bunch of useless trash, keep an eye on the relevance of the information, delete outdated content. Do not forget to optimize the site for new versions of browsers.

6. Archaic appearance
Does your site still have items from 1998? Do you still have flash animation? This means that the site is time to update. It is not always easy to explain why the site looks like your grandfather did it, but an experienced designer will immediately feel what it is. In a good way, the appearance of the site should be updated every two to three years.

7. Old content
If the site has fallen in search results, this may be due not only to the design or structure, but also to the content. The content of the site also needs to be updated.

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All sectors of the Internet sphere are in constant development. The Global Network itself is not a static phenomenon; it is constantly changing. To a large extent this is facilitated…


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