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15 popular SEO myths

In the field of search engine optimization, as in any direction, unreasoned errors appear and are rapidly spreading. They interfere with the development of novice webmasters and confuse beginners. So that no one gets caught, we hasten to tell you how SEO actually works and to dispel the 15 most common myths that are completely untrue.

The more links the better
Previously, this was really important: for ranking, you can use the maximum number of links to third-party sources and be sure that the search result will be high. But now everything is different. The emphasis should not be on quantity, but on quality. Although Searchmetrics research has a reference mass, it’s important to use it wisely.

You need to find sources with similar topics and with great authority, so that you yourself inspire confidence in your visitors. Otherwise, why all these links, if they absolutely do not say anything and do not claim to be reliable? An important role is played by user confidence of sites in SEO.

Google AdWords Advertising Will Help Ranking
This is not true. Buying ads from Google will not affect the organic delivery on request from users. Website owners who access Google AdWords are ranked and analyzed in a general manner, without any privileges.

The only way such an advertisement will be useful is to increase trust and brand loyalty. Users are more likely to click on links that they see in the advertising column and in organic SEO results.

Website Protection Doesn’t Matter for SEO
Surely you noticed that some sites start on http, and others on https. The letter “s” indicates that confidential information is transmitted on this resource, and there is reliable protection so that hackers do not intercept this personal data.

Since 2017, Google has announced that sites with an “http” address will be recognized as potentially dangerous in the Chrome browser. Actually, today such resources rarely really get to the first positions in the search.

site protection for seo

In SEO, ranking is important.
Getting on top, staying there for a long time and getting great traffic is good. But the misconceptions of SEO customers are to think that a large number of visits is the end result. Actually, sales are important. And if there are none, then why all this ranking?

The first positions do not guarantee the transition to your page. And that’s why:

Your promotion is not based on exact and not suitable for your proposal requests;
The meta description of your site does not attract or interest your potential audience;
Sometimes Google Merchant fills the first positions without missing an organic SERP. In this case, you should resort to a paid publication on Google.
Meta tag plays a key role in ranking
Meta description helps your audience understand what your site is about. That is, this is a summary of the essence of your content. And although the meta description affects the response of people and the increase in traffic (a brief description should be more original to distinguish among competitors, but understandable and accessible), the ranking in the search results will not change.

Pop-ups interfere in ranking
For some reason, many are sure that exclusively static advertising works in SEO in 2019, and pop-up banners should be abandoned. In fact, pop-ups are still effective and do not affect search results. But there is one caveat. Google will not “fine” for pop-up ads if it is not intrusive and does not interfere with viewing the main content.

And pay special attention to the fact that pop-ups do not take up too much space (especially when viewed from mobile devices), are dedicated to the topic of the site and could be of interest to your customers.

Keys must be used in exact occurrence
If you know how SEO optimization works today, you should understand that excessive use of key phrases can be considered search bots as “spam.” Anyway, there is nothing worse than a text full of absurd phrases.

Search engine algorithms are becoming more and more “smart” and calculate this once or twice. That is why you should not use a pile of keys in one sentence. And, if you understand that the phrase clearly sounds clumsy, feel free to change it. After all, the main thing is readability.

Mobile version of the site does not matter
How to play! Google has already developed algorithms by which it calculates page loading speed and compares with other resources. So the truth about SEO suggests that you need to quickly create a version for devices. Otherwise, you may be ignored by search engines.

mobile version for seo

More content the better
In fact, the number of characters or visual elements is not so important. The main thing is that the page answers users’ questions: what kind of site, what do you offer, what is your uniqueness, what is your call to action?

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