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How to develop a large online service or portal and avoid mistakes

Creating online services requires serious knowledge and skills. We have extensive experience in this matter and a considerable list of satisfied customers with successfully functioning portals. That is why today we decided to talk about the main stages of the development of the Internet resource and what we should definitely pay attention to.

Web agency or freelancer: where to order an online service?
If you do not have the opportunity, knowledge or desire to do the site yourself, then the creation of the portal can be entrusted to either a special agency or a freelancer. Let’s figure out which option is better.

creating an online service

To choose a really good freelancer, you first need to study his portfolio. Please note if there are any works there that are similar to what you need. The next thing you should be interested in is the cost, real reviews and at least approximate lead times. Important is the size of the prepayment and regularity of contact. Also, one freelancer will not be able to develop a service. It is necessary to assemble a team from the Designer, front-end developer, back-end developer, marketer. And at the same time act as a project manager himself. That is, if you yourself are well versed in the issue, this option may suit you. But if you are not an expert – there is a chance that you will be deceived or simply done poorly. The main advantage of freelancers over agencies is the cost of services, but this is not an absolute rule. If you order a range of services – it may come out and more expensive. The first works for himself and usually at home, and therefore he does not need to spend money on renting an office, salary to other people. So the cost will be lower than in the agency.

However, freelancers have their own nuances that you should definitely know about:

No guarantee. Since the freelancer is in free swimming, there is a risk of not getting a job on time or, in general, being left without an order. There can be many reasons: the executor’s heavy workload in connection with other projects, illness, vacation, the underestimated volume and complexity of the work, which he now cannot handle on his own. Freelancer is only a performer. You are responsible for setting goals, detailed planning and drawing up the structure. You are responsible for how the resource will end up. A freelancer will not look for the best option, his task is to implement what you come up with.

website development in the agency

A good agency should also have an impressive portfolio, which will guarantee reliability. The disadvantages of the agency are reduced to a higher cost compared to freelancers. Well, about the benefits:

The development of online services in agencies is usually done on a turnkey basis. That is, each step is agreed with the customer, the best options are selected, the structure is thought out in detail. The agency does not just create a site, but makes sure that it is truly working, conversion, selling and increasing the audience.
The agency employs many professionals with experience. Each specializes in certain tasks and performs them qualitatively, unlike a freelancer who does everything himself.
The agency guarantees the implementation of the project. After you discuss all the details, a contract is concluded. After that, they are obliged to meet deadlines, be constantly in touch and fulfill all the conditions that are prescribed in the document.
By the way, we are engaged in the development of services!

Summing up, I would like to note once again that freelancers do the work cheaper, but they are not responsible and do not give guarantees. There is a risk of not receiving what was agreed upon, not within the agreed time frame. You can entrust a freelancer with a simple site, the creation of which you yourself could handle. But it is better to entrust a larger resource to an agency of professionals who will do everything exactly as you ordered, at the highest level and strictly according to the contract.

find an artist to create a site

Where to find an artist?
So, there was a need for your own great online service. Where to look for the one who will create it?

Specialized sites. It is somewhat similar to exchanges, but here the focus is slightly different: they primarily share their work, but do not offer their services. Therefore, prices on such sites you will not see. But you can stick to cool projects for a long time, choose what you like and contact the artist. An example site is Behance, GitHub.
Search Engines. Quite a time-consuming method, but it is likely to find a truly pro. In addition, on such a resource you can get an idea about a specialist: how well his site is done, what is in the “about yourself” section, what are the conditions for cooperation, and what portfolio.
Social networks. Many experienced professionals “live” in social networks. It is enough to go to VKontakte or Facebook groups and enter “web designer” and get a lot of results. The great thing is that there are almost always real reviews here. The same with Instagram. Today it is one of the most popular platforms where people create business accounts and talk about their projects.

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