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Good customer service skills that you should learn

For successful customer service, you need to master several skills that directly affect the quality of service and the sense of customer satisfaction of your products or services. The skills described in this article will provide you with long-term customer loyalty. Therefore, they should be mastered not only by sales consultants, but by all your employees who contact consumers when they select and buy goods or service packages, or turn to technical support.

According to the results of the study, you can increase your income up to 5% and reduce customer service costs by 20% if you increase the degree of customer satisfaction with the quality of service.

The ability to manage your time
A long wait for clients to solve a problem creates a negative attitude towards your company. According to a PWC (International Network of Audit Companies) report, 17% of customers in the United States and 49% in Latin America refuse to use the company’s services after only one unsuccessful interaction experience.

Consumers of goods and services appreciate the prompt service you need to provide. Support should be able to quickly respond to incoming requests and effectively solve internal problems. First Response Time is considered the most important indicator of customer service. Because clients added to the waiting list quite often leave and go to another company with a shorter waiting time for a response.

Therefore, your employees should reduce the time of the first response at all costs. This requirement can be fulfilled only when your team knows how to plan its time.

Ability to listen and hear the client
It is important to be able to not only listen to the description of the complexity of the consumer of your products or services, but also to understand his emotional state. Pay attention to the intonation of the client, in what terms he formulates the problem and, of course, what it consists of.

Take your time when trying to understand the difficulty that you have been contacted, then you will be able to quickly find the right solution. Remember that feedback improves the quality of your service, because from the dialogue with the consumer you can find out the flaws that need to be fixed.

Customer Service Skills

According to the results of studies, 70% of companies with high quality customer service actively use feedback.

Listen carefully to the consumer’s problem without interrupting it. Thank him for describing the difficulty. Then you will make a positive impression on your customers by showing, with your interested behavior, that you are concerned about their problems.

The infamous answer: “this is not my problem.”

Do you know what drives customers the most? When they have to repeat the same question many times to numerous technical support staff and not receive any recommendations for resolving it. According to a study conducted by Accenture consulting company, 89% of customers experience frustration if they have to repeat their problem to different company representatives.

Therefore, the best thing you can do for your clients is to make every effort to (quickly) solve their problems. At the end of the conversation, be sure to ask if you can help with anything else.

Ability to apologize
If something went wrong, apologize to the client and never argue with him. The words: “We know that what happened upset you” – do real miracles. Support staff should be prepared to apologize to the customer, even if they have not made a mistake.

Teach your representatives this skill. You can make a template response that will moderate the client’s anger. For example, you could say: “We are sorry that you are unhappy. Let us join forces to resolve this issue. ”

Difficult to talk with an angry customer. But a technical support representative should always put himself in the place of the consumer before answering. This approach will help to understand the cause of his anger, without perceiving it as an attack. Remember that the question raised by the client may be justified.

In addition, 70% of the emotions of your customers depend on your attitude towards them. Therefore, the easiest way to defuse the situation is to look at things from the point of view of the client.

Self-mastery is another useful skill in customer service that should be developed by each technical support employee. What for? Because some angry or shy customers can be very annoying or even aggressive.

Customer Service Skills

Calm down and do not respond angrily to aggression. Never exchange insults with the client, no matter how many times he will provoke you or your colleagues from technical support.

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