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Currently, there are a huge number of various types of sites. The Internet sphere is changing, new directions are appearing, user preferences are also on the move. Therefore, sites that are commonly called business cards in a modern interpretation may differ from those that could be found in web space, for example, a year or two ago.

Typical features of a business card site are:

consists of no more than 10 pages
contains brief, clear information about the company, product or service, contacts
Being a small resource, such a site, however, contains a minimal set of information, which is enough for the visitor to understand: what the organization is doing and whether it makes sense to contact it. A high-quality business card site can be no less effective than the development of a corporate site or online store.

When minimalism is relevant

Many businessmen just planning to create their own website do not always know where to start. On the one hand, everything is obvious – you need to find a professional organization and entrust it with the performance of work. On the other hand, I want to have at least the slightest idea of ​​what types of sites are and which is right for your business.

A business card is a universal option for those who take only the first steps on the Internet. We will not be unfounded and formulate the main advantages of a business card website:

unique web design
affordable cost
quick creation time
brevity of information
self-editing option
From a technical point of view, such a site is not inferior to large portals. Here you can also upload all the necessary information: feedback form, location map, on-line order, etc. A business card site can be safely called the most inexpensive advertising tool. The pages can contain any content: text, photo, video. The main thing is to approach the selection of data for placement as competently as possible.

The site should be informative and at the same time understandable to the user. If the business card site is filled out correctly, taking into account the preferences of the target audience, well thought out and professionally implemented, then it may well be as effective as a full-fledged resource, while the cost of creating it will be several times less.

The variety of business card sites

When a company just starts its activity, i.e. still does not have a lot of information about his achievements, completed projects, partners, etc., it makes no sense to invest in the development of a multi-page website. You just have nothing to fill out these pages. Gradually, as the company develops, you can fill out a business card site, and when its potential becomes insufficient – create a full-fledged resource.

Thus, we can conclude that a business card site is the best solution for young organizations. But there is a finer gradation of business card sites. Consider the existing varieties in more detail.

Personal website business card. Target audience: a small circle of people: friends, colleagues, relatives. It is created for communication. Main content: photos, small notes. Design requirements are minimal.
Business website business card. Mostly people in creative professions acquire a similar resource. Singers, photographers, musicians, artists post their work here, which potential customers can familiarize themselves with. It also contains information about upcoming exhibitions, concerts and other important events. There is always a feedback form.
Business card website for business. Organizations working directly with customers, having their own website, can significantly save on advertising. On the pages of the resource, you can describe the product or service in sufficient detail, demonstrate samples, and examples. In other words, to provide the minimum that is enough to interest a potential client.
If your company does not yet have an Internet presence, then you should try to correct the situation as soon as possible. In the realities of the modern market, each organization should have a website, especially one that is engaged in commercial activities. At a time when you are still thinking about whether you need a website or not, your competitors can no longer just have their own resource, but also actively engage in its promotion. In the future, getting ahead of them will not be easy.

Features of the business card site:

Ability to attract new customers at the minimum cost of creating and promoting
Companies of any level: from private entrepreneurs to huge corporations, can present their products and services to a huge Internet audience
An intuitive control system allows the owner to independently change the information on the pages
The possibility of further search engine promotion site
The low cost and ease of maintenance is what makes a business card website the best solution for small and medium-sized businesses.

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