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1C-Bitrix is ​​the brainchild of 1C and Bitrix. The goal of creating a joint venture is the development of web directions, the development of innovative Internet solutions. Professional content management systems from 1C-Bitrix are in demand among a wide variety of audiences. All offered products are regularly developed and modernized, becoming more advanced and meeting the increasing requirements of users.

Technology does not stand still, they are constantly striving forward. In the field of IT, developers pay special attention to creating products with great functionality and the simplest interface. “1C-Bitrix: Site Management” is a system that is widely used to manage web projects of absolutely any subject and orientation:

Corporate site development
Creating an Internet portal
Social Networking
Online Stores, etc.
Bright features 1C-Bitrix
The functionality of this control system is really huge. In order for specialists and just people who plan to work with CMS to better navigate, the development company offers special training programs. We will not focus on the standard features of 1C-Bitrix, and focus only on those that appeared relatively recently, but have already won fans.

A composite site is the technology for which a patent is obtained. With its help, the response speed of the site increases hundreds of times! The declared capabilities were confirmed during an independent test. As you know, the site’s response speed is one of the most significant characteristics of its work, which affects, among other things, the perception of a web resource by search robots. In promotion, this indicator is also important. A slow-running site can lead a visitor to an annoying state, and he will leave it without waiting for the download. Composite site technology is a link, thanks to which a modern dynamic site with program code can function as fast as a static HTML page. Instant loading is achieved by displaying cached copies of the web resource pages. In places where any changes have occurred, updated data appears.

Server load management – your online store will withstand any flow of customers. Given the growth of the online trading market, it is logical and increased competition. To occupy a leading position in their industry will help quality customer service. People who buy goods in online stores, as a rule, simply do not have too much time to shop offline, so it’s easier for them to go online and put the selected items in the basket. The influx of visitors can lead to server failure. Such a malfunction entails very unpleasant consequences: firstly, you lose those potential customers who were on the site at that moment, and secondly, they can give negative reviews about your web project. The module developed by 1C-Bitrik specialists makes working with servers easier. With it, you can, even without special technological skills, assess the load on the server, identify the cause of poor performance, connect new servers or correctly distribute the load between existing ones.

Online store order management is another service created specifically for those involved in online sales. The module will facilitate the order management process, increase the efficiency of the back office, significantly reduce the volume of routine processes, and improve the quality of customer service. Expanding the list of available functions makes the process more logical and efficient, working with customer requests is more flexible, and routine difficulties taking into account orders disappear.

Present and future
Today, 1C-Bitrix software products can be called the optimal solution for small and medium-sized businesses. Without investing significant funds, companies are able to exploit high-tech Internet projects. They become part of corporate culture. Special software products help optimize the work of the company, establish a business process. In this case, we are talking about Bitrix24.

Maximum attention is paid to 1C-Bitrix: Site Management, a product that helps to comprehensively and effectively solve tasks for managing web projects of any complexity. In its work, 1C-Bitrix focuses on the following principles:

Justification of Cost and Effort
Cost = Result
The opportunity to develop the site at low maintenance costs
In the coming years, the Bitrix team plans to concentrate on three key areas:

Development of the software product “1C-Bitrix: Site Management”.
Launch scientific research to develop completely new technologies that increase the profitability of web projects.
Providing professional services in the design and programming of Internet systems.

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