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The question “Do we need a corporate website” can be considered rhetorical. The answer in 99% of cases is yes. If earlier the company’s website was a simple business card on which they shared general information, phone numbers and a location map, today such a resource can become a real online office or representative office. This is a platform with the help of which you will be able to establish effective work with a new segment of your target audience – active Internet users.

It remains to be determined: what tasks will the site solve, how to develop it without technical skills, and how to administer it after launch? Let’s sort it out in order.

The main objectives of the corporate site

For many companies, website development is the beginning of the next stage of growth and development. Own online representation helps to solve several important problems for any business.
Attract new customers. Separate pages of the site act as a catalog of goods and services. All that remains is to bring the interested audience to the pages of the resource, and then collect and process the applications received.
Increase brand awareness. The Internet helps combat advertising blindness. If a potential client visits your corporate website at least once, he is more likely to notice other mentions of your company in various sources.
Form a positive image. The lack of a website address on a business card or in an email signature may confuse a modern buyer. Today, having your own online representation for legal entities has become a good practice.
Demonstrate openness. On the site you can publish something that would never have been in magazines and on advertising posters. With the help of its own online resource, the company can show its human face: tell about employees, have a joint rest, make a joke, share news, conduct a tour of the production workshop and not only.
Establish communication with the target audience. On the site you can place forms and widgets for instant ordering, online chats with managers, call request function and much more.
To whom to entrust creation

Creating a corporate website is not an easy task. A person without the proper level of technical training is unlikely to cope with it accurately. That is why such work is most often entrusted to web studios and individual developers.

Finding a person who agrees to implement such a project is not difficult. It is enough to place an ad on one of the freelance exchanges or leave a post with a request to respond to experts on sites on social networks. You just have to choose one of the applicants for the project. Be sure to request a portfolio. To protect yourself, it is better to work only with those contractors who have a registered legal entity or individual entrepreneur. In this case, you will be able to conclude a full-fledged commercial contract and receive any guarantees.

Web studio services will cost more. However, if you choose a trusted company for the role of contractor, you can be sure that the project will be implemented on time and in full compliance with your requirements and wishes. Since most studios operate legally, there should be no problems with concluding an agreement and secure payment transfers. In addition, it is in such companies that experienced and competent specialists usually work, who are able to implement the functionality you need. If any issue is outside their sphere of competence, they are unlikely to be silent about this and offer compromise solutions. Web studios value their reputation.

Another option is to entrust individual phases of the project to different companies or freelancers. In this case, you will need to find artists for the following tasks:
design creation;
development of the necessary functionality;
testing and troubleshooting;
site loading on hosting, its technical support.
This is a very time consuming process. You can recommend it only if launching a corporate website is not such an urgent and important issue for you. In other cases, it is recommended to entrust this task to an individual developer, and better to web studios.

Choosing a CMS for a corporate site

CMS – content management system. This software product allows you to add and edit site pages to people who do not have special technical training. You can refuse to use CMS only if you need to update the information no more than a few times a year.

However, when creating corporate sites, it is implied that the resource will be regularly updated to reflect the life and work of the company. For such cases, CMS is a must. Only one question remains: what system to choose?

Free ready-made CMS
There are many CMS that anyone can use. Around them are growing whole communities of loyal fans and fans.

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