Characteristics of the target audience The specific category of people to whom the brand’s advertising efforts are aimed is the target audience of the business or product. It includes not…

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16 techniques to increase website conversion and increase SEO traffic
Increase branded queries This technique is often overlooked, as Rand Fishkin claimed in his Twitter account in 2018: “Create a brand that has more search volume than all unbranded keys…

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1C-Bitrix is ​​the brainchild of 1C and Bitrix. The goal of creating a joint venture is the development of web directions, the development of innovative Internet solutions. Professional content management…

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Free Resources for Designers
E-literacy is unthinkable without the literacy of publishing electronic content. And the publication includes the processes of selecting an audience and tasks, creating, checking, editing and posting content. And in this sense, the choice of the right tools for a particular platform and specific device is of particular importance. So that the path of the idea to the masses is laid by suitable technology.

We present a selection of online resources and tools for creating design wonders. In this article, we have collected 35 useful resources for the designer. But when using this or that content, check if the resource allows the commercial use of its content: if there is a crossed-out dollar icon or the abbreviation NC (non-commercial), then restrict yourself to non-commercial use or contact the copyright holder.

Useful Resources for Designers
A convenient application for managing bookmarks in the browser and on the phone. In the program you can structure images, links to sites, articles. All this helps a novice designer to tune into the working atmosphere, sort out inspirational photos. Now you do not have to keep thirty tabs open in the browser – all this can be structured and organized by theme in Raindrop. The program has a paid version ($ 3) with advanced functionality.

A simple application for creating graphics in a few clicks. Designed for beginners.

If you are not a principal enemy of Microsoft, then the company has developed for you a free analogue of Dreamweaver.

Vector design software
When you think about free vector graphics sites, the first thing you probably think of is Photoshop (or GIMP if you don’t like Windows). But Photoshop and GIMP are only good for editing photos and creating bitmap graphics. Raster images (.png, .jpg) are good in many ways, but often you need a more scalable format.

In such cases, editors of vector images and graphics are simply irreplaceable: they are subject to more advanced graphic tasks, which Photoshop can only dream of. Add to our list:

BoxySVG – maybe not the most confused application with a bunch of tools and effects, but this is its advantage. It is very easy to use and can be downloaded to download from the desktop or launched through your Internet browser.

Gravit designer

Early versions of the program were simply called Gravit. This application is fully functional for vector graphics. It is suitable for any type of task: to create screens, icons, animations and everything else. The interface is simple, intuitive, customizable. The program has a great wealth of tools for creating detailed and effective vector graphics. For example, there are non-destructive Booleans, overlay functions, and a strong text engine.


Free to use editor for two-dimensional vector images. The program can run through a browser or can run autonomously from the desktop. It has all the basic functionality for working with 2D graphics. In addition, there are ample opportunities for working with shadows and filters. There are options for collaboration.


Like many other free editors, this one builds on the SVG format as the base. The program is well adapted to this format, it supports many advanced functions (for example, cloned objects and markers), which are absent from analogues. Various color modes are fully supported. The interface is simpler than that of Illustrator, but overall Inkscape allows you to create complex work and is a worthy alternative for web designers.

We also include a selection of resources for graphic designers:
Photo pos Pro
Sumo paint

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