What is a UTM tag? Urchin Tracking Module literally translates as tracking module. Many believe that this metric was created by the omnipotent Google, but in fact it was developed…

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Many website owners, after the web project is completely ready, refuse the services of development companies and prefer to independently conduct the project. Of course, this requires at least a…

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Every modern company promoting its services and products on the Internet should have a high-quality corporate portal. Such a site will be useful for both company employees and its customers.…

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What to look for when designing and creating a site: checklist

Choosing a CMS
The choice of a content management system is an important stage, since the functionality of the page depends on it. You need to think in advance whether your resource will be just an electronic business card or if you plan to sell goods and services through it.

Depending on this, choose a CMS:

1C Bitrix, PrestaShop, OpenCart, Simpla, HostCMS, NetCat, CS-Cart, Shop-Script (Webasyst) for online stores.

1C Bitrix, Drupal, WordPress, MODX, for corporate and business card sites.

There is another option to use site designers. This, of course, is very simple, even a beginner will cope with the creation process, but the functionality here is all the more significantly limited and it will not work to make changes at one’s discretion.

Well, it is also worth mentioning individual development on frameworks: Laravel, Yii, etc. Individual development on frameworks is required for more complex and highly loaded services, as well as for individual and non-standard tasks.

The correct site structure
A prerequisite for developing a site is to think through the semantic core and structure in advance. Even if now it is not possible to pay in full all the planned pages, in the future you will already have a clear idea of ​​what else is needed for the job.

Plan whether you need a blog, what filters are needed, how the transition to the product card will be implemented (the path should be no longer than 3-5 steps). Site navigation should be simple, clear and take a minimum of time.

SEO-Friendly URL is a path that consists of the simplest and most suitable words for the site content that are correctly interpreted by both users and search engines.

Thanks to the correctly configured CNC, the user easily understands what awaits him on the page, the name should be clear what content will be on the site. And if you use keywords, you can significantly increase indexing.

Recommendations for proper CNC:

The address should reflect the contents of the page (it is best to use the name of the document).
It is advisable to avoid identifiers (id …).
The address should be small and extremely clear.
It is advisable to use a hyphen when separating words, rather than underscores or spaces.
making cnc

Correct domain
In order to promote the site it was convenient for it to be recognizable, the domain must have the following characteristics:

include the name of the company or brand, the main activity using key queries;
be memorable and concise so that it can be read quickly and without confusion;
answer the domain zone in accordance with the region in which you are located and plan to develop your site (the ideal option for Russia is “.ru” and “.com”.
Next, you need to select the main mirror. The page can be opened with three times “w”, and without it. It is necessary to dwell on one option and configure 301 redirects from all domains to the selected mirror. If you have connected an SSL certificate, we recommend making 301 redirects with http.

If you plan to attract traffic from offline advertising, then it is better to register a domain name on “.rf” and set up a 301 redirect to the main mirror. This makes it easier for users to remember. However, it’s not recommended to use .РФ domains as the main mirror, because you may encounter some difficulties when promoting.

Customer care is paramount. That is why today with Google Chrome sites with http are regarded as potentially dangerous. In order to show respect for users and preserve their personal data, preventing possible hacker attacks, it is extremely important to connect an SSL certificate and switch to https.

It’s better to do this right away, because the transition from http to https will still have to be done sooner or later, only this one will take more time and money.

Site loading speed
Search engines carefully monitor this indicator and do not let sites that load too slowly into the top. Therefore, we recommend that you pay special attention to this moment.

A special service from Google will help not only to track the speed, but also to identify the reasons why the site has been loading for so long. Most often, experience shows that low speed is the result of unoptimized images on the site. When filling the page, follow this point.

site loading speed

Page 404
If you think you can avoid this fate, we hasten to assure you that 404 page is on almost any site. If you have more than 10 pages, then somewhere this “mistake” is also lost. And it should be noted, with the help of it you can sell and increase user loyalty. The main thing is to design it competently and interestingly, because the standard design is mortal boredom.

Try to make sure that there is a step back from page 404, or that the visitor can get to a potentially interesting section.

Microdistribution of data and code validity
Microdistribution should be considered when planning and developing a site, as this will simplify and reduce the cost of further work.

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