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UX and UI design trends in 2019

The designer needs to keep abreast of the latest design trends. The style of work must change and develop in order to maintain the freshness of the work and resonate with customers and products. 2019 brought together many trends of the last year, and also added several new ones. So, take a look at the brightest trends this year that we have chosen.

Powerful browsers
A browser is not only a means of accessing the Internet, but also a tool of influence. Browsers are becoming faster, more powerful and more attractive.

Testing showed a significant performance increase in most popular browsers.
The increase in speed due to streaming compilation greatly affects the development of the design. Mozilla reported that their new compiler will run 10-15 times faster than the previous optimizing compiler.
All modern browsers support WebGL 2, a technology that takes 3D textures and rendering, fragment depth and VAO to a new level.
However, all these advances in the work of browsers still speak of their value solely as a stand-alone product, without exerting influence on the industry at a higher level. There is so much going on in web design, and it’s hard for browser developers to find universal solutions and put things in order.

Modern browsers may be cool, but when they send users to bad websites, they get infected with a bad UX design. It is necessary to make a choice in favor of the best design in order to reveal the current potential of web browsers.

Targeted animation
Among other things, the new features of browsers give way to the development of animation. Moreover, such an animation, which not only sets the elements in motion, but also helps to bring the design itself to perfection. There is such a discipline – interactive design, which combines design aspects with psychology and biology.

In 2019, people began to study animation and interactive design even deeper than before. Sophisticated forms have replaced fashionable troubles as a hallmark of animation in design. If not for interactivity and transitions, most of the information they transmit would be lost.

In order to more closely tie a client to yourself, you need to continuously maintain contact with him – every second is expensive. Designers seize this opportunity before vulgar marketing begins to poison the friendship with the consumer.

Interactive design is much deeper than the usual presentation and filling the void. Now it is part of branding. Until now, we perceived the logo as idols. It is our imagination and sensations that embody them in reality. So why don’t we look deeper into this imagination and direct it in the right direction?

The movement carries much more than light, the arrangement of elements and decoration. The movement tells a story. If you can make a brand name a part of your story by adding a little meaning to it, then go ahead.

However, everything, including animation, exists in a specific context. Your design vision often does not match the user’s vision. If the product being developed should call for a specific action or is connected with a gloomy story, you cannot use animation, even if it carries a deep meaning. If you experience emotional discrepancies, always choose the neutral option.

3D in interfaces and depth in a flat design
3D rendering and augmented reality technology have long been heard by everyone. Designers are accustomed to avoiding complex 3D models in UI design for speed and productivity, as well as for readability. Thanks to more advanced browsers, these luxuries are now affordable for us. Mega-sophisticated visual effects transfer effects that so far existed only in movies to web pages.

This trend will especially appeal to manufacturing companies that use complex, but not intended for visualization, technological processes. With the help of 3D-visualization, you can delve into any technological process and form an understanding of its essence at a deeper level.

In films and video games, this technology works well because images are present on the screen for a short time. Technology in this case is aimed at creating a superficial impression, and not inspiring the observer to a thorough study. Combined with focused animation, 3D becomes a powerful design tool.

The mobile industry with powerful new chips has allowed not only to render 3D objects, but also to include them in the interface. The small screen is perfect for this.

Flat UI-design – for the past 5 years, the main trend in design, and since its inception, nothing much has changed. Recently, there has been a clear shift in flat design towards depth and dimension drawing, but the basic concept has remained the same. Depth is important, and that is why a flat design has appeared – people love symbolism and turn everything around them into symbols.

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