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Creating a site on a template: the pros and cons of a template site

What is a template site?
In the process of promoting a brand or services of a company, project, start-up, sooner or later every one faces a choice between a unique design solution and a ready-made website template.

A site template is a pre-designed design, an HTML page or a ready-made set of files used by CMS as a ready-made solution for creating sites. Anyone can use a ready-made theme for placing their own text content and images.

As a rule, templates are created for the most convenient editing of information, and therefore creating a website on a template is available to anyone without the need to hire a professional web developer.

The ready-made template, despite the simplicity of the technical content, is a fully functioning website, greatly facilitating the web development process.

Of course, many developers, offering their services to customers, also use template sites to develop web resources. However, nothing will prevent you from finding a ready-made template on the network yourself, which will be an inexpensive and relatively simple solution for promoting products or services. All you need is just to choose the right option and pay for it.

Whether or not to use the template is a moot point. It would seem, why take care of the design and layout yourself, if you can quite successfully hire a professional?

Of course, templates have their advantages – however, there are enough minuses. When choosing, you need to be guided, among other things, by the budget, needs and goals of the business that you want to promote.

Benefits of Template Sites
Low price template
You can find free templates on the net, but they are usually as simple as possible, not attractive enough, or inconvenient to use. Therefore, the vast majority of resources offer to buy a site template. Website templates are cost-effective in many respects, as the price is greatly reduced due to the fact that the templates are sold to a large number of buyers.

However, remember that the price of templates may vary depending on the completeness of the functionality of sites. An adequate functional template that does not require further development costs a couple of thousand rubles.

If you want to buy a modern, fully usable, adaptive template with full functionality and a nice design, you will have to pay from 6,000 to 30,000 rubles. Whichever option you choose, buying a website template is cheaper than ordering a unique development from a professional.

website template price

Fast development time
Creating a template for any website, developers understand that it must fulfill the most commonly used functionality. Therefore, the template usually comes with a lot of built-in functions, widgets and options.

For any purpose of the site, there are a lot of templates with the necessary elements like a shopping basket, feedback form, photo galleries with the function of a slideshow, video player and other specific elements. You do not need to add anything from yourself, configure or change the structure – you can always choose one option that most fully meets your needs.

In addition, adequate modern templates are designed according to the principle of adaptive design – you don’t have to postpone the launch of the site (and spend extra money, by the way, too) to develop an adaptive site for various devices with any screen resolution.

Quick design choices
There are templates for the finished site design. A unique design can be developed for weeks and months, and ready-made template solutions are already available in any design. It also reduces the time to create a site, because the template already has its own design – the client only needs to look at the suitable options and choose one of them. Of course, you can save a lot on the services of a web designer.

Disadvantages of Template Sites
Although website templates have many advantages, there are certain disadvantages. When thinking about whether you need a template for creating a site, be sure to consider the main disadvantages.

Limited by template framework
Despite the convenience and ease of use of ready-made templates, page customization can take a lot of time and money. In addition, there is a risk that the integrity of the selected template will be violated, and you will have to deal with all kinds of technical flaws and failures for a long time. A perfectly functioning template is usually very difficult to find.

template site

Creating a website without a template, you discover a variety of technical and design solutions. In the case of a template, filling a site with content has to be strictly limited. Elements or functionality may be lacking, or design colors may not be combined with the general mood of the content. You have to be limited to the font, style and graphics built into the template.

Additional expenses in excess of the budget are not ruled out if you suddenly notice that the purchased template does not have critical functionality – for example, a feedback form or personal account.

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