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The leaders of a company that plans to start working on the Internet always have to make a difficult decision: build a website on a paid and proven content management system or save money by opting for free solutions. When it comes to an online store, they usually compare Bitrix and Joomla with the corresponding add-ons. The first solution – occupies a leading position in the segment of commercial CMS, the second – in the niche of free.

It is impossible to say unequivocally that Bitrix is ​​better than Joomla or vice versa. It all depends on the budget of the project, the desired timing of its implementation, requirements for functionality and security.

Why pay?

It may sound strange, but a commercial license is a big advantage of CMS Bitrix. Contrary to popular belief, you are not only buying the right to use someone else’s development for your commercial purposes. In addition, you get security guarantees for the provided solution, its stability and security against hacking. This means that the supplier company will compensate for financial damage if it was caused as a result of breaking the system core. At the same time, 1C security specialists will analyze the vulnerability and fix it in order to prevent similar situations from occurring in the future.

When choosing free CMS like Joomla, you are left to your own devices. The developer simply cannot be held responsible for the security of the kernel of the system, since it is open and can be easily modified by cybercriminals.

Comparison of CMS functionality
Performance. Bitrix for online retailers works without slowdowns with catalogs totaling 3 million products. The threshold size of the catalog in Joomla is 15 thousand products.
Access control. A resource administrator on Bitrix can differentiate access to admin sections for different user groups. Joomla does not offer such functionality either by default or after installing add-ons.
Integration with accounting. Integration with accounting systems of the 1C family works in Bitrix out of the box. Joomla can do this only after installing the appropriate add-ons.
Support and updates. When you purchase Bitrix, you get 12 months of warranty support. The contact center is open around the clock. Joomla does not offer such bonuses. Newer versions of Bitrix are released regularly. Joomla is also updated, but much less frequently.
Is Joomla suitable for a large online store?

If you analyze the above facts, it becomes clear that Joomla is not suitable for creating large online stores. The company saves the budget at the project implementation stage, but then, due to the technical features of the engine, it loses the possible income. Errors in the process of placing an order lead to the loss of buyers who are ready to pay, difficulties in navigation make it difficult to search a large catalog, and managing it gives company managers great inconvenience.

Bitrix VS Joomla in terms of SEO promotion

In fact, trained specialists are engaged in SEO promotion. The content management system only lays the foundation, which makes their work easier, the result is more predictable, and also reduces the risk of errors in website optimization. In this context, Bitrix outperforms Joomla in all important respects.
Performance. The Bitrix kernel implements all those functions that can appear in Joomla only after installing third-party add-ons. That is why the pages of the same online store will load faster if you use a commercial CMS.
The code. The Joomla device is quite primitive, so you can see a lot of source code on the pages, which is negatively perceived by search engines. The source code of the Bitrix pages is cleaner, clearer, and easier to understand by both the robot and the technician.
References The Bitrix CNC generation module works flawlessly and creates links with the correct addresses. In the standard edition of Joomla, links are not always obtained correctly. This bug can be fixed using third-party plugins, but they require additional configuration.
Relink and filters. For catalogs of large online stores, Bitrix can create complex filters out of the box, generate a linking. In Joomla, all this is implemented only with the help of third-party modules.
How much will the 1C-Bitrix website cost?

Digital Agency CASTCOM specializes in developing websites on Bitrix and implements projects of any complexity: from business cards to large portals and online stores. In order for managers to give an accurate assessment of the time and budget, they need to study your basic requirements. To do this, fill out a brief. You can do this online and send an online application through the site. In this case, the managers will prepare an individual proposal and will contact you to discuss the details.

Depending on the contractor, the development cost may vary, in CASTCOM the cost of developing a site on 1C-Bitrix varies from 180 tr. up to 750 tr, and the terms are from 3 weeks to 3 months.

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