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How to make a layout for advertising on Instagram

Instagram is a simple platform where images and videos are presented together in a constantly scrolling stream. But it is this simplicity of design that makes users come back there again and again to view the latest posts. That’s why Instagram advertising is necessary if you want to attract users through this social network.

The audience is huge. More than 1 billion active users visit Instagram every month and their number is constantly growing. Advertising on this social network allows you to orient your audience, inform them about new promotions and offers, allows you to demonstrate a new product and so on. In this article, we will tell you how to make layouts for advertising on Instagram.

What is an advertising layout and why is it needed
Submission of your advertising material on Instagram may be paid, as in any other social network, but you will still compete with other ads made by professionals.

Therefore, it is very important to create a beautiful and eye-catching layout of advertising on Instagram.

It is very important to choose the right color scheme, font layout and type, and so on. Your goal is to make your ad as visible and beautiful as possible. Only by understanding how to create a layout for Instagram advertising can you achieve the desired results.

However, at present, using simple tools, you can create a high-quality advertising layout for Instagram in a fairly short time.

On the popularity of advertising on Instagram story, what results it gives
Do not forget that the movement is striking. Video ads and ads on Storys Instagram will surely stop your audience while scrolling through the feed and help convert views to customers.

Your Instagram layouts for advertising should be unique and well-designed. Naturally, with such a high level of competition, it can be difficult to create video clips that will stand out in the feed of your audience, especially if you have no experience. Therefore, it is very important to learn how to create an advertising layout in Instagram story and use it.

How to make an advertising layout on Instagram yourself
To get started, you should pay attention to the location of the elements in your ad. To do this, it’s convenient to use a numbered grid, which should be superimposed on each ad.

Your Instagram layout grid is a visual way to present your business, brand, or products.

Instagram layout grid

Thus, forming a layout, you should arrange the elements you need in the appropriate cells and stick to the chosen location in the future. This type of ad will be clearly visible and will visually stand out in the stream.

What should be the advertising layout (basic rules)
There are basic theses for the layout on Instagram:

The first impression is, unfortunately, these days you only have a few seconds to attract the attention of potential customers on social networks, so the initial impression will be crucial for further interaction with a potential client. Therefore, your layout grid should be created as a single structure, specially designed in order to maintain interest in yourself and attract subscribers.
Imagine a brand – developing a high-quality visual brand strategy is key to separating yourself from your competitors and helping your business grow. Thanks to this aesthetic, people recognize your brand, so you need to be sure that you spent the time and effort to plan it.
A good grid should make publishing ads easier – by understanding your placement strategy, you can increase the speed of posting.
Use only high-quality images – no one wants to see pixel images, so make sure your photos are crisp and have a high extension.
Use a color scheme – choose the right color scheme for your ads and constantly adhere to it, this will help you to stand out among competitors.
Applications for creating advertising layouts on Instagram
We will provide a description of several applications with which you can create high-quality advertising layouts.


A very popular layout application. It has a fairly easy to learn interface and features. There is both a version for mobile devices and for personal computers. It allows you to edit and create any hashtags, create a schedule for publishing images and stories. You can also view statistics on your account and analyze the views. The placement of materials is possible directly from the application.


Like the previous application, you have a limit on uploading thirty photos per month, in the free version. You can edit the layout of the feed, schedule publications, and modify them.

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