Characteristics of the target audience The specific category of people to whom the brand’s advertising efforts are aimed is the target audience of the business or product. It includes not…

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Creating a site on a template: the pros and cons of a template site
What is a template site? In the process of promoting a brand or services of a company, project, start-up, sooner or later every one faces a choice between a unique…

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All sectors of the Internet sphere are in constant development. The Global Network itself is not a static phenomenon; it is constantly changing. To a large extent this is facilitated…

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21 errors when creating a site and how to avoid them? We create a good site.

Saving and developer incompetence – these are the main reasons why a site can be doomed to failure. We decided to collect the main mistakes that are so often found in Internet resources and which so ruthlessly deprive owners of new customers. The article will be useful even to customers to know what the site should be and what should be avoided during development. So you can control the entire creation process and eliminate the possibility of error at every stage.

The most common mistakes when creating a site
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Design Thinking: Technology, Methods and Tools

After more than 4 years of work as the head of a design studio, design thinking has become for me a natural way to solve complex problems. If you are a novice designer or a specialist working in this field, and if you want to understand what design thinking is, this post is for you.

In this article, I want to focus on high-performance concepts and practical tips. There are many criteria that characterize the correct process of design thinking, and if I dwell on each in detail, the text would be enough for a whole novel. If you have questions for which you would like to receive more detailed answers, you can write to me at Continue reading

Good customer service skills that you should learn

For successful customer service, you need to master several skills that directly affect the quality of service and the sense of customer satisfaction of your products or services. The skills described in this article will provide you with long-term customer loyalty. Therefore, they should be mastered not only by sales consultants, but by all your employees who contact consumers when they select and buy goods or service packages, or turn to technical support.

According to the results of the study, you can increase your income up to 5% and reduce customer service costs by 20% if you increase the degree of customer satisfaction with the quality of service. Continue reading

Site prototype: creating a prototype with examples and tools

How to explain to the customer what his future site will be like? What elements will be placed on the page, and in what order? The answer is simple. If you need to schematically depict the page of a site, prototyping will help you. On the prototype, you can visually assess the location of elements and blocks, as well as make the necessary changes. A prototype is a saving of time and money, because proofreading a finished site already at the design stage is a costly and often unpromising business.

The site prototype is the base, or model of the future site, on which the key elements of the page, the main information and functional blocks are displayed: Continue reading

Creating Great UI Designs: Tutorials and Examples

So let’s get it in order. This guide is not for everyone. And for whom?

For developers who want to learn how to design their own attractive user interfaces if necessary.
For UX designers who want their portfolio to look better than a PowerPoint presentation. Or for UX designers who are confident that they can sell an awesome UX product as part of a nice UI package.
If you have unlearned at the art school or already consider yourself a UI designer, you will most likely find in this manual some combination of a) boring, b) incorrect and c) annoying material. Continue reading

What to look for when designing and creating a site: checklist
Choosing a CMS The choice of a content management system is an important stage, since the functionality of the page depends on it. You need to think in advance whether…


How to evaluate the effectiveness of contextual advertising and website promotion? The best way, of course, depending on the goals set for the site, is to calculate the number of…


Many website owners, after the web project is completely ready, refuse the services of development companies and prefer to independently conduct the project. Of course, this requires at least a…


Every modern company promoting its services and products on the Internet should have a high-quality corporate portal. Such a site will be useful for both company employees and its customers.…