The leaders of a company that plans to start working on the Internet always have to make a difficult decision: build a website on a paid and proven content management…

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CAST.CMS is a product developed by Castcom. During its creation and further modernization, the current requirements for the CMS were taken into account, so the finished system is modern and…

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How to make a layout for advertising on Instagram
Instagram is a simple platform where images and videos are presented together in a constantly scrolling stream. But it is this simplicity of design that makes users come back there…

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21 errors when creating a site and how to avoid them? We create a good site.

Saving and developer incompetence – these are the main reasons why a site can be doomed to failure. We decided to collect the main mistakes that are so often found in Internet resources and which so ruthlessly deprive owners of new customers. The article will be useful even to customers to know what the site should be and what should be avoided during development. So you can control the entire creation process and eliminate the possibility of error at every stage.

The most common mistakes when creating a site
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Creating Great UI Designs: Tutorials and Examples

So let’s get it in order. This guide is not for everyone. And for whom?

For developers who want to learn how to design their own attractive user interfaces if necessary.
For UX designers who want their portfolio to look better than a PowerPoint presentation. Or for UX designers who are confident that they can sell an awesome UX product as part of a nice UI package.
If you have unlearned at the art school or already consider yourself a UI designer, you will most likely find in this manual some combination of a) boring, b) incorrect and c) annoying material. Continue reading

UX and UI design trends in 2019

The designer needs to keep abreast of the latest design trends. The style of work must change and develop in order to maintain the freshness of the work and resonate with customers and products. 2019 brought together many trends of the last year, and also added several new ones. So, take a look at the brightest trends this year that we have chosen.

Powerful browsers
A browser is not only a means of accessing the Internet, but also a tool of influence. Browsers are becoming faster, more powerful and more attractive. Continue reading

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The combination of English HTML letters has long been heard by everyone. Moreover, any novice user who barely mastered Word, without a twinge of conscience, will weave them into his…


High-quality and powerful web design is of interest to all specialists developing Internet projects for modern companies. The level of design quality has a direct impact on the site’s interest…


Good customer service skills that you should learn
For successful customer service, you need to master several skills that directly affect the quality of service and the sense of customer satisfaction of your products or services. The skills…


15 popular SEO myths
In the field of search engine optimization, as in any direction, unreasoned errors appear and are rapidly spreading. They interfere with the development of novice webmasters and confuse beginners. So…